Street of Dreams Arizona-House 2 part two!

Welcome to the continuation of Le Chateau Modern!

When we last left  you were were headed down to the basement...

At the bottom of the stairs is a beautiful water feature and conversation area.

Check out this fun vintage inspired room! Hardly seems like a basement. I love the subtle menswear stripe on the walls. 
This is a man cave I could live with.

Upon entering, to the right, you will find a room any man would love to have. 
Ok well at least my man would!

You own walk-in safe. Perfect to hold all your firearms...

While you prepare for the next "predator" invasion!

Back in the main room let's check out the full bath.

I love the stripe paired with the geometric wallpaper. The octagon mirror is perfect.

The wallpaper continues into the bathroom. Giving the bath a fun geometric punch.

Although there are a lot of patterns going on; keeping the color pallet simple (gray, white, black, gold) allows each piece to shine and feel cohesive.

Just off of the bath is one of the two bedrooms in the basement.

I really loved this room. Fresh and fun but relaxing at the same time. 
Color could easily be introduced into the room and changed if needed.

This was such a special part of the room. An aviary in the window well!  
Live birds were in there. I caught one mid flight but there is one perched on the left side as well.

Another shot of the room. There are 4 televisions in the space. You can have headphones for each as well if you each want a separate show. 
Think of how fabulous this room would be for football season! Or so I am told.... ha ha ha.

A beautiful bar area complete with all the fixings!

Here are the stairs that lead up to the main level of the home.

Such a gorgeous curved staircase!

Right off of the stairs is a beautiful under the stairs reading area. 
The lettering are excerpts from The Little Prince

To the left of the stairs we are lead to the final rooms.

Such a beautiful choice. I loved the shadows cast on the walls and the subtle golden map wallpaper.

This room was so bold! A jolt of color in a good way. Check out the beautiful view of the water feature outside.

A closeup of the beautiful bedding. Love that headboard shape and Amrapali fabric. 

My jaw dropped when I turned around and saw that the matching wallpaper was also used. Yes!

What fun would it be to get ready here every day!

The shower was arched just like the other ones we have seen in the house but instead of the subway tile this beautiful arabesque shape was used instead! I love how it referenced the flow of the wallpaper and headboard.

Back to the other side of the hall we find the dance room.

Honestly isn't this every little girls dream. Ahhh love the pink and gold ballet bar!

The wallpaper was incredible. I love the iridescent geometric combined with the soft flowers and birds.

The mirror references the subtle geometric. A perfect choice.

Complete with another gorgeous shower.

And finally to round out the tour of this home. 
Around the corner from the stairs, the fabulous underground garage...complete with a turntable.

Hope you enjoyed the Chateau! It was one of my favorite homes on the street!

Stay tuned for house no. 3....

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  1. Some stunning spaces there! That floral headboard is amazing and I love all the wallpapers xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)


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