Happy Easter!

I have been busy lately! Remember the mass amounts of people I hosted for Thanksgiving? Well they are coming again!!  But it's okay, I love to have my family in my home it just causes me to be a little busier.

I hope you all enjoy this wonderful time of year.

Make sure to come back on Monday for some tips on healthy eating!

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How to feel like you are on vacation all the time...

Spring break is coming up for a lot of people and it will be nice to get away for a few days, unplug and relax!  Wouldn't it be great to bring that feeling back home?

I recently finished a great e-living room board for a client who has some great memories as a child, and still loves taking vacations to the beach but didn't live anywhere near one.

How do you take inspiration like the beach but not go full blown theme? I like to do it through mood and color.

Now there are a couple literal translations here...the sunburst mirror and white sea urchin from Nate Berkus but when you look at this room it doesn't scream I have a beach themed living room. Yet, you still get the feeling of the beach and feel relaxed each time you walk into the room.

Thanks C.T. for the opportunity to bring your vacation, home!

*Interested in bringing some style into your home? Check out my services, I'd love to work with you!*

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Isabelle Abramson-Ceramics

So I was taking a look around the web the other day and literally stumbled upon the work of Isabelle Abramson. Take a look at these beauties.....

There are more on her website. I only took a couple classes in ceramics and it is tougher than it looks! I really appreciate the work and dedication Isabelle has to her craft.  Take a look at her website and see if it strikes up a creative chord in you!


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