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We recently moved, and this home, like our previous home, is what I like to call a "remodel special."  There are plenty of things to fix, so decorating will have to be done as inexpensively possible. I love to keep an eye out for deals, and a great way of knowing if something will work in your home is to come up with an idea board to keep you on track!

Here are some photographs of my bedroom.

Don't look too closely at the pictures or you will see all the drywall work that needs to be done. Let's just say the previous owners really liked anchor studs...for everything.

Let's look back at the bed wall.... 

What? You don't have a headboard made of cardboard???? It looks weird in real life, but it's a great way to try out a headboard shape before committing to a shape.

Here is the inspiration board I made for the room.

I have yet to choose some of the pattern, color, art and accessories (I have plans to add trim to the leading edge of the drapes, and would not do an ikat pattern again on the side chair), but I like where it is headed.

I am so excited about the headboard wall. I will be doing my first stencil, using a pattern from cutting edge stencils. I am hoping the ikat will be forgiving of any potential mistakes. I plan to use less contrast than the board shows, but that could change of course! I plan to paint the rest of the walls in the lightest color that I use in the stencil.

I am also looking forward to having a little entry way in the room. The headboard wall isn't visible until you round the corner in the room, so this will be a great opportunity to provide a sneak peak of what one will see around the corner!

I welcome any suggestions, and I would love to know what you think!

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  1. Can't say how happy it makes me that you are using an ikat stencil for your wall. It will be super cool I'm sure! Love it! =)

  2. hi there....i just stopped by after your comment on my blog! i love your blog design...looks great! and i just used same photo with the orange skirted table for a project i am working on! great minds think alike:) good luck with your bedroom....jodie

  3. It looks great! I can't wait to see it all come together. Love the cardboard before the commitment idea!

    1. Thanks Sita! I am excited to have it develop into a room we love.


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