"Annie, you have some fabulous ideas for this room. I am so happy to be working with you. I realize this is a challenging project because of all the existing constraints. It's a lesson learned for me--how finding just the perfect piece of whatever can be the turning point in a complicated job--in this case, the graphic pillow that brought it all together. "
-J.K. (master bedroom

"Love it! I can't wait to sleep in this new bedroom!"

Oh my goodness, I love it! Your ideas will brighten up the space and tie into our kitchen area so well. I just needed someone with an eye for this stuff to give me some fresh ideas and then I can get to work! "

"ANNIE!!  You must be psychic! It's like you read my mind and brought in things I had been thinking of but never expressed... I love the blues and all the additional lighting you brought into the space... We have already moved things around and love the new floor plan! Thank you so very much from all of us."
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