Have you heard of Pinzy?

If you haven't noticed from my previous posts I am in love with pinterest. If you have become addicted to this site then you will love this...  Pinzy. It is for people that have installed the google chrome browser and allows you to simply hover over the pin (instead of clicking on them) and view the full version of what has been pinned. To close just click on the enlarged version and you can then repin, comment or like.

It makes going through pinterest so much quicker!

If you would like to join pinterest leave me your email in the comment section and I will send you an invite!
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  1. Cool! I guess this means I have to enter the world of Google Chrome! Oh my poor technologically challenged self....! Thanks for stopping by Room Rx...now off to become a follower and explore more of House on Rene (which BTW is my middle name, spelled just the same!)
    Cathy (Rene) :-)

    1. Glad I introduced you to something new! If you need help with Chrome just let me know. Thanks Cathy, for becoming a follower, I just started following you as well and added you to my blog roll. :)

  2. I love pinterest! Made even better by Pinzy! I'm going to start following your pins!


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