Supermarket tricks...

In my whole foods group this coming month we are discussing the books In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan and The China Study by Thomas M. Campbell II .

I don't post much on things like this but in our attempts to eat healthier here are some supermarket tricks for you.

What are some of your supermarket tricks? I always have to make sure I have eaten recently and am hydrated before I go.

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  1. It is always a disaster if I go to the grocery store hungry! I'll come home with anything and everything!!

  2. I remember watching a documentary about this sort of thing on netflix I think. They said not to bring your kids shopping with you because they will want you to buy things you wouldn't normally get (junk foods) and you will end up spending more money. I've definitely experienced that, but I also see the positive side of letting them help pick out the produce and be excited about the fruits etc. that they like.

    1. Yeah my kids love to pick out their favorite fruits as a special snack. And the LOVE to help make their green smoothies so while we are at the store we talk about what they want to put in their smoothies.


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