Thoughts about gallery walls...

I am seriously contemplating having a gallery wall in my living room. I have some great pieces of art I would like to showcase. The problem I have been having is putting it all together! It will definitely have to be an eclectic mix filled with some mixed media. So I rounded up some of my favorite gallery wall pictures.

via photographer Annie Schlechter

via pinterest

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  1. Love where you are heading on this room and a gallery wall is perfect, so have fun with it! PS and by the way...Lazy boy has a sofa very similar to the one you pinned from Pier1, I'll email a link!

    1. Thanks Cathy. I think part of the key is to have it be a bit edited as well so wish me luck on that one!

  2. I love mixed media gallery walls - I think it adds so much interest to combine art and photographs!


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