The double take at HD

I was browsing the lighting section of Home Depot when I saw it....and did a double take


It even comes in a smaller 3 bulb version and a ceiling mount!

I thought it was a great look-a-like to this pricey version from Circa

Don't get me wrong I ADORE the Circa version, but with a difference of  $760 for a similar look?? 

Yes please.

Can't you imagine a pair of these over a long dining room table or kitchen island? Swoon...

If this is too much glitz for you then try this beautiful lantern by Thomasville


Compare that to this one also from Circa

Have you seen something in the store lately that made you do a double take?

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  1. Looks like someone has been taking inspiration from Circa Lighting! Great opinions on a budget, definitely! Janell

  2. Thanks Janell. I love lighting it changes the look of a room in so many ways!

  3. Girl!! That is such a great find!

  4. These are some terrific budget friendly finds Annie, who knew Home Depot was so hip?!

  5. Oh my goodness, amazing finds! At least online, these are pretty much dead ringers for the designer stuff.

  6. It's always fascinating to watch great design filter down to all price points! Super eye, Annie!


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