Editing the gallery wall...and a guest post!

So I am still working on my gallery wall. I am trying a simplified version of my previous one here.

I did a VERY quick sketch to see how I like things together. Once I pick one I will put the big cut outs on the wall and then probably live with it for a bit to make sure I like it.

So which do you like best?

Option #1






Now for my guest poster today, by  my daughter.  She decided  that she wanted in on the decorating fun and put this together all by herself.

Too cute, right?  She is only 4! I was totally impressed with her drawing skills (did you see that blue chair!), maybe we have a little artist/designer on our hands.

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  1. annie! thanks so much for stopping my by blog, the kb files. i am always happy to make new blog friends!

    i love your gallery wall sketches, i seriously think they are great. and i'd say it's a tough toss up between #2 and #6. ugh... decisions, decisions!

    thanks, again for following. let me know if there is anything i can do for you!

    katie beth

    1. Thanks Katie for your input! I was excited to find you off of some comments I read on LGN. You have a lot of exciting things ahead of you soon, enjoy!

  2. I think I like #4 the best, although you did a great job composing all the different options! I can't pass up a sunburst mirror! Tell your little "guest poster" that her designing skills are fabulous.

  3. Thanks for your input Sita! Yes the guest poster is having a ball! :)

  4. Your daughter has skills!!!! Wonder where she got them from?!! I like #1 & 4 and think you are wise to live with the cut outs for a spell before you put holes in the wall.

    1. Isn't it the cutest thing ever? She is a fun girl. I like those options too but I think I am going to have to do one of the ones with the antlers, for DH.

  5. I might be too late.. but I like #2!! Always love a good set of horns!!

    1. Hi Michelle. Thanks so much for your comment! Nope you aren't too late. So many options and I am still deciding on one! Off to check out your blog!

  6. Great idea to sketch them out, although I always find I like to just lay everything out on the floor. Hope you haven't chosen yet but I love option 1 or 2 the best. Good luck!

  7. Hi Anna. Welcome! Thanks so much for your comment. I usually lay everything out on the floor but I didn't have all the frames I needed for this project. What I actually did is draw the couch side tables, lamps and the two large pictures. Everything else I cut out of paper so I could easily move them around just how I wanted. It was pretty fun!

    Off to check out your blog!


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