Walnuts....not just for snacking.

I have been thinking about my gallery wall and what to put in there. I have also been thinking about simplifying the arrangement and just doing a collection of pictures I have.

However, the focal piece is old and has seen better days. There are a lot of nicks and scratches all over the frame

Enter the walnut. I had read somewhere that the oils in the nut helps with camouflaging nicks and scratches in wood. It was worth a try!

It worked!! Both of these pictures are in full sun and although it doesn't look like much ...

It looks a lot better in the shade, almost like new!

 And now "The Lady" is looking refreshed and ready for her closeup!

*Note* I tried this on some other frames with a little bigger gashes and it does not work well for those. I would just keep this treatment for more superficial dents and scratches.

Let me know if you try this out! I was so happy that this worked and saved me from having to buy a new frame or paint it.

What is something that got a quick fix in your house?

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  1. What a great little tip! I had heard that before, but never knew of it actually worked!

  2. Great tip!!! Love your blog :)


  3. Wow! Who Knew? Totally makes sense tho! Loving your Flamenco dancers....!

  4. Thanks ladies for your comments, I really appreciate it!


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