Homegoods Happy!

Who doesn't love Homegoods! I am a bit spoiled because I have one about 5 min away from me, you think I would get there more often!

Here are some items I found on my last trip

The console table reminded me of this one from Kirklands that I had pinned on my entry board. Mine has a cute lip on the top and the shelf.

**** update***
While writing this post I looked on Kirklands again and they are now selling the exact table I purchased! I got it for less of course! :) YEAH!

I plan on adding brass ring pulls to mine. What do you think? Ideally I want a chest of drawers but until I find something that fits the space perfectly this will do.

I also found this large storage ottoman. I brought it home to try out but in the end I thought it made the room go a little country-ish and that is not the direction I am going. So back it went. However both my 5 and 2 year old could fit in it! LOL

Finally I had wanted an aluminum table for a while. I found this oval one! I love the oval shape, you don't see it much!


So that is my latest Homegoods haul. What have you found at Homegoods recently?

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  1. Great finds Annie! I love the idea of adding brass pulls to your table! I love Homegoods. I have one five minutes from me too, but the last few times I have been there, it has been a total bust!!! I'm hoping they restock with some better things soon!

    1. It is hit or miss sometimes! My store gets new things in every day! I am hoping to make a run at least once a week.

  2. I live in Louisville, and believe it or not, we just got an actual homegoods about two weeks ago. We had one in TJ Maxx, but it was half way across town. Our new HG is about five minutes away from me :). Already I have been more times than I care to share ;). Love your new scores!!! I saw that oval table and wished we had a place for it, but sadly we don't. And loving the idea of brass on that console table. Right now I have a front seat full of picture frames and art for a gallery wall and other little things for around the house. It is dangereous being that close!!!

    1. I didn't have a place for the round table either but I will find one! LOL

  3. I'm so excited that a Home Goods store is opening in my neighborhood. We haven't had any in the state of WA up until now. I love that aluminum table. Very cool!


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