Adirondack chairs

There is just something about adirondack chairs that I love. Maybe its that they are so simple, yet comfortable. Maybe it is the wide arms that are great for that ice cold drink or perhaps it's just that when I am in one I know I am on vacation!

Named after the Adirondack Mountains, Thomas Lee designed them while he was on vacation with his family in 1903. He tested the design on his family.

Family members make the best guinea pigs I always say! ;)

There have been many versions over the years, made of many different materials but I always go back to the classic shape.

Love all the color!

I could curl right up with a book for hours!

Looking for your own for a perfect summer party? Try Ace Hardware at only $50 they are paintable/stainable and they fold up for easy storage!

Do you have a chair that you love? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

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  1. Perfect timing for this post for me since we want to get a couple of these for our new front porch - thanks for the Ace Hardware tip!


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