White Ice vs Stainless

Have you heard about the new gal on the market? Whirlpool brand has introduced the ice collection.

The White Ice appliances were featured in House Beautiful magazine's 5th annual Kitchen of the Year at Rockefeller Plaza July 16-July 20th in a 1,000-square-foot kitchen conservatory designed by Mick de Giulio.

From what I can tell the pieces look to be sleeker and have a smooth glass appearance rather than the current plastic feel of the black and white appliances we had before.

They look to fit in traditional kitchens

And in contemporary kitchens

What do you think? 

It has been said that a "trend" lasts only about 10 years. Do you think stainless steel appliances have surpassed trend into classic? Or are stainless steel appliances out the door? 
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  1. That is a great question...I thought about that quite a bit when we started our kitchen reno. We went stainless but I know people who prefer the colored enamel "vintage" ranges that are making a come back. The ice collection is pretty sleek and a nice new option. It will be interesting to see what comes next!

  2. Hey Nicole...good to see you again!

    When we redo our kitchen I am pretty sure we will do stainless as well but it is neat to see all these other options. I hear they were inspired by the white iPhone!

  3. I like these a lot! I would choose these over the stainless, no question.


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