SO excited!

Some of you may remember the contest I entered on Olioboard. I placed #5 in popular votes but sadly did not win one of the tickets. (Although my friend Kristie (The Decorologist) did! YAY! ) I was honestly just honored, and humbled to have placed so high in one of my first competitions. It is thanks to the fabulous readers and friends I have! Thank you!!

 I also entered in a drawing that my friend Traci Zeller  had for a free ticket to Design Camp with Lori and Kelli. I didn't win that drawing either. :(

I still, kept my spirits high and prayed that I would continue to find ways to learn and grow in my new business this year.

Those positive thoughts and prayers did not go unnoticed....

Traci Zeller had such a great response to her giveaway for Design Camp tickets that Lori and Kelli sent her a handful of extra tickets and I GOT ONE!!!

I was so shocked, humbled and very very excited!

I will be off to Atlanta learning from the who's who in the industry and loving every minute of it!

A special thanks to my wonderful family for helping me out and making this possible! You are the best!

Atlanta midtown at night via Design Camp 

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  1. Congrats! I'm sure it will be amazing.

  2. That's awesome Annie! Excited for you to have that experience! Congratulations on placing 5th as well!!


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