It's someone's big day...

Happy Monday! I'm back from Design Camp Atlanta! It was a blast. I will be sure and share some of my favorite insights and if you followed me on twitter you already saw some of the big names that we spent time with!

However, today I am taking a little break because it is someone's big day....potty training day that is. My son and I will be spending some quality time today as he learns to become a big boy. I can't really tell if this pep talk is more for me or him! HA!

So with that I will be taking a little break for this week to focus on him. I will be back next week with a recap of Design Camp!

But I didn't want to leave you without anything pretty to look at, so here are some of my favorite bathrooms. (They probably deserve a post of their own too!)

Have a great day today! And send some good thoughts my way ;)

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