My favorite highlights from Design Camp Atlanta!

I am so excited to share with you my experience at Design Camp in Atlanta. I was so blessed by the generosity of Lori Dennis, Kelli Ellis and Traci Zeller to be able to attend. I have to admit when I took a look at the awesome list of camp counselors I was a little intimidated to be going. I would be learning from some major superstars! I was so surprised to find many genuine, warm, caring individuals that were so gracious in sharing and helping each other. Each minute of camp I was inspired and knew that I was learning things that would take my business to the next level!

The first highlight for me was Barry Dixon. 

It is obvious that he is a world renowned incredible designer but wow, what a humble and inspiring man. I would have been happy listening to him all day! Some of my favorite takeaways were:

“The house is also a client in every project...make it a part of the dialogue.”

“Take the client backwards to take them forward, and then put it in the room.-The history of people, hidden in plain sight”

“The goal at the end of each project is that the world is a more beautiful place because we crossed paths”

I am pretty sure I heard everyone give an audible sigh after that last statement....

We also learned about the modern bathroom from Jason McNeely of Hansgrohe. Their products are manufactured in the USA. He showed us some innovative items in their product lines, and as a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), has a soft spot for the baby boomers generation.

Here is an interesting tidbit he mentioned: All designers need to learn how to design for our aging population. 50% of remodels are for this aging group.  Hansgrohe have products like floor handles that are  flush to ground, & sensor based! Everything  could be hands free! So useful for the aging loved one in your life, or just for yourself!

 One of the sinks with lots of options for fixture placement.

He also surprised all of us at the end by gifting every camper with a FREE Hansgrohe E 120 Hand shower! Maybe my bath remodel has moved up the list?!?!

Susanna Salk was another I was anxious to see. She, along with Clinton Smith from -Atlanta Homes and Lifestyle magazine and Leslie Rascoe of Veranda talked to us about getting published. Something I think every designer wants!

Some of their tips were:

"Instagram is like bread crumbs to getting published"

Make sure all your “systems” are in place (blog, online presence etc.) you can be published”

"As a designer, your own home may be your best calling card" (You know I will be taking this to heart!)

The icing on the cake for me was Kimberley Seldon. Not only is she a sought after designer but she is also an author, and Editor in Chief of Dabble Magazine. I first heard about her from Maria Killam and she raved even more about her in her True Color Expert course that I took last year. Kimberley’s focus was on branding. Your brand is more than a logo...

“My brand is the experience of working with me”

She was an absolute thrill to see her in person telling the designers how to take charge! I am looking forward to diving into her books and would LOVE to attend her workshop.

We were fortunate to have camp at the renowned Fox Theater! I went on a quick tour of the building after the camp. I wish I had a something other than my phone camera, what an incredible building!

So many of my fellow campers and friends posted great reviews about Design Camp. Please check them out!

Thanks to Tawna Allred for being a great roomate and a fun new friend! Another special thank you to Traci for being a wonderful mentor and friend, it was so fun to finally meet you and Deb. Finally, a huge thanks to my family for making it possible for me to attend.

What will you do for your business this year? I highly recommend Design Camp. The next one is in Seattle May 1-2, 2013 early bird registration is going on now!  Don't miss out!
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It's someone's big day...

Happy Monday! I'm back from Design Camp Atlanta! It was a blast. I will be sure and share some of my favorite insights and if you followed me on twitter you already saw some of the big names that we spent time with!

However, today I am taking a little break because it is someone's big day....potty training day that is. My son and I will be spending some quality time today as he learns to become a big boy. I can't really tell if this pep talk is more for me or him! HA!

So with that I will be taking a little break for this week to focus on him. I will be back next week with a recap of Design Camp!

But I didn't want to leave you without anything pretty to look at, so here are some of my favorite bathrooms. (They probably deserve a post of their own too!)

Have a great day today! And send some good thoughts my way ;)

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