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I am so excited to show you this recent living room I did for an e-design client. She has a beautiful home that needed to be freshened up. She had some existing pieces (wall color, linen colored drapes and linen colored sofas) that she wanted to keep. She loves a global look but still traditional. She wanted calming colors but also loved blue. The room gets great light and connects to the entry way and her dining room.

Here is the floorplan I came up with to optimize seating for entertaining and for the flow with the entry and dining room.

Here is the inspiration board!

I love it!! I wish I could transport it to my home right now!!!

Here is what she had to say:

ANNIE!!  You must be psychic! It's like you read my mind and brought in things I had been thinking of but never expressed... I love the blues and all the additional lighting you brought into the space... We have already moved things around and love the new floor plan! Thank you so very much from all of us.

I am glad the family loves the design as much as I did. Hope you enjoyed it too! :)

The holidays are coming and I want to help you have your home looking its best!

Check out my services and portfolio, you will be glad you did.

**Out of respect to my clients, I decline to share any sources for the designs. Thank you for your understanding**
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  1. Gorgeous! Your clients are going to be so happy!

  2. I love your inspiration board - great rug and love the mirror!!

    1. Thank you! The rug and mirror are some of my personal favorites as well!

  3. SitaSeptember 27, 2012 1:57 PM
    Gorgeous!i love your inspiration boar!!! I love your blog
    Saludos from chile


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