My dream entry

I found out about a great contest from Autumn! Layla Grace is having a "pin it to win it" and I decided to try it! It combined two of my loves, Pinterest and design. I had never made a design board before, it was so much fun! The contest ends tonight so I whipped this up using Olioboard.

"Dream" is certainly the keyword here but I love it anyway!

I hope this inspires you to try something new, Enjoy! Pin It


  1. Ooooo! Me likey! Love the light fixture, the fun rug and the mirror...actually, I love it all!
    Love the look of your new blog too!

  2. I adore it, the console is stunning! Welcome to the blog world.

    1. Thanks! This sure is a change from the family blog I have kept for years!

  3. Welcome to the blog world!! Lovely inspiration board!

  4. Thanks for the welcome! Your damask table has been making the rounds on pinterest!


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