Neck scarfs, a great accessory!

Scarfs, who knew they were such a great accessory! I am sure we have all seen the celebs wear them. 

These beautiful pictures of  Veronica  have been shown all over blogosphere and pinterest.

I love how she combined another trend, colorblocking with the scarf. This is how I would, and have worn my scarfs. I adore this look of the two trends together!

Here is yours truly with my version of the leopard print scarf.

Here is another, using a scarf with color blocking.

Need some ideas on how to tie a scarf? Check out this great tutorial done by Wendy.

It doesn't get very cold where I live, but after seeing this it made me get out the scarfs I do wear and try them in different ways!

Have a great weekend, and try wearing a scarf... you just might like it!

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  1. Hi Annie! Great post!! I love scarves and am enjoying having weather cold enough that I can wear them frequently.

    1. I just took a look at your pictures! You do love scarfs, and you look fabulous in them! Thanks for sharing.


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