Girls room....with room to grow

My daughter is going to kindergarten this fall. I swear I just had her yesterday....where did the time go?
It's about time she had a cute room of her own. Hopefully she will love it till her early teens then we can do some tweaks and redesign if needed.

I was waiting till our next baby (no that is not an announcement) to see if there would be another girl but decided just to go with it and get the ball rolling.

My daughter is a Type 1 which is light, bright, animated, fun, fresh, cute and playful. I felt her room should reflect that.

I am sure things will change as we work on this but this is what I was thinking about for now...

She loves the color blue and is always picking out paint colors when we are at Home Depot or Lowes.
I added a regular sized desk and chair for her to draw or play on and someday apply makeup...eeek!

This is a good time to mention that it is best to buy regular sized furniture for kids rooms, they grow up quickly and will get more use out of the items.

We have to have fans here in Arizona so no cute chandelier, but I have been thinking of ways to perhaps retro fit a funky DIY bird cage to maybe give the room something unexpected. We will see...

In the gallery wall I am excited to use this frame from Target 

You can open it and change out the frame without taking it off the wall. Genius.

Hmm... I may have to put one or more of these in my gallery wall. It would be nice to change things up once in a while.

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  1. ha, the makeup will come sooner than you can imagine! Looks great, have fun with it and those frames, yes, brilliant! Janell

  2. So the bright colors and the idea of the gallery fun to use their own art!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Hope you and your son are sleeping a bit better these days!

  3. this is so cute!! what color is that paint, it looks super similar to what we just painted our master bedroom (healing aloe by benjamin moore)

    1. Hey Michelle! The paint color is quietude sw6212 by sherwin-williams. Thanks for asking.


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