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 Hi Everyone! We have been on vacation and had a great time.  As I am catching up on housework (I feel I need a vacation from the vacation!) I thought I would show you a little bit of the updates around here.

I am still working on the arrangement and even the specific pieces. The paint color obviously needs to change, art needs to go on the wall but here is how the living room looks for now.

Sometimes with a house that needs a lot of work everywhere it is hard to pick a place to start! I am hoping to have some other projects underway soon to share with you!

I am also trying to figure out the best time of day to photograph this room. The large windows face west but I took these shots in the morning before 10am.  Any suggestions? Pin It


  1. What you've done so far is beautiful! I love the arrangement. You have such a huge room to work with. I'm excited to see other projects.

    1. Thanks Marissa. I hear you have a beautiful home as well. Let me know if you need any help. I don't live too far! :)

  2. Love those sofas Annie, nice classic style that you will enjoy for years to come! I am not so good at photography, so no tips to share!


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