Have you heard of T-Tapp?

No it's not a tap dancing routine, it is a style of exercise I have been doing since April 10 of this year.
I am currently in a 60 day challenge and am seeing some great results already! I have my eye on winning the grand prize, an all expenses paid trip to their retreat in Florida in October.

Teresa Tapp created her unique workout and effective cellulite removal program while working within the International Modeling Industry. You will start to see results within 7 days, I noticed changes happening even sooner than that. I have done a lot of at home workouts through the years this one is so very different and all activity levels can do it. I am not changing the way I am eating but since starting T-Tapp I have noticed I am craving foods that are naturally better for me, so that is a plus!

From the website here is what T-Tapp is all about:

T-Tapp is a series of copyrighted, sequential movements designed to put the body in proper functional alignment. Its special sequence of comprehensive, compound muscle movement helps establish better alignment as well as increased strength and flexibility of the spine, better neuro-kinetic flow, lymphatic function, and increased metabolic rate. Its physical therapy approach to fitness makes it safe for those with shoulder, hip, knee, neck, and back concerns. Yet, it delivers a challenging workout for all fitness levels!
T-Tapp's preventative wellness workouts deliver results inside and out. Instead of just focusing on burning calories and fat to lose weight, T-Tapp concentrates on helping the body rebuild digestion, assimilation, elimination, in addition to improving lymphatic function and neuro-kinetic flow. Increased energy, mental clarity and overall health immediately improve as your body tightens and tones. Faster inch loss occurs because muscles develop like girdles so they can uplift and cinch in target areas of concern. That's because T-Tapp develops long, lean muscle fibers with strength and flexibility for greater muscle density instead of muscle bulk. In fact, T-Tapp can redesign bulky muscles into lean, dense tissue! Best of all, this type of muscle development helps support the spine and joints in a rehabilitative way. Many injuries occur due to muscle imbalance, but with T-Tapp muscles are always built with strength and flexibility. It just happens that this type of muscle development also increases metabolic processing for higher burning of calories and fat even when not working out! Last of all, T-Tapp is a left-right brain, mind-body workout. Most have heard the phrase "if you don't use it, you lose it" but with T-Tapp it's never too late to rebuild fitness and health. Come discover "Yes You Can" with T-Tapp and FEEL the difference while you try some sample movements for free.

To find out more please check out her website here.

To try it out click here.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or give them a call, or email, they are happy to help!
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  1. I had not heard of T-Tapp before, but it sounds so interesting! Going to check it out!!


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