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I got a new taller side table! It was really bothering me to have a shorter table on the other side of the couch. I could only stack so many books to get the lamps to be the same height. Most of my books are still in boxes so I just grabbed what I could find for now.

I love the look of these accordion/campaign tables and will probably get a smaller round one for my family room. This one was from Kirklands and it is still on sale. I would probably only get it at the sales price though it's not the sturdiest piece but not flimsy either.

One question I have too many leggy pieces or X's in the room? I can move the x-benches to another room. If I do that I think I still want to find some way of having another pair of stools or something to act as coffee tables, I like the extra seating.

Here are some other rooms with fabulous tables like these...

Interior design by Michelle Workman. Photography by Laura Resen. Image via Veranda.

Interior design by S.R. Gambrel

Designed by Kyle of Knight Moves

Beautiful rooms, all of them! I love the way this seemingly simple table brings in some structure and masculinity to a space!

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Have a wonderful Monday everyone!
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  1. I love all your pieces individually but I tend to subscribe to the rule that some of your furniture should be leggy, and some skirted. Maybe you need a more solid, skirted ottoman to break up some of the more delicate pieces?

    Love your new side table! xx


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