10x 13 rug at ikea?!?

I was doing some blog hopping over the weekend when I found the blog Jilly and Mia. She had been looking for a large natural fiber rug for her living room. (me too!) Everything she had found was either large enough but not a the price she wanted or had a great price but was too small.

At Ikea one day (who doesn't love that store?!?) she stumbled upon Tarnby. But it was only 6x9 feet. What to do....

Glue them together of course!! That is just what she did!

Now she has a beautiful 10x13 jute rug for $300! Not bad Mia, not bad!

I think I need to plan a trip to Ikea ASAP!! How about you?

*pictures from the blog Jilly and Mia

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  1. Hi Annie,
    Thanks, thanks, thanks, for the feature!
    You're adorable.

  2. Ok...we are looking for something similar in our lower level family room. We need a 9 by 17....everything we have priced is way to much. I went over to FCA and found a natural looking carpet that they could cut and bind for me but we are still looking at 700 bucks. This is a cool solution! I wonder how well the gluing holds???? It is something to totally consider! You have given me some ideas! Thanks!

  3. What a thrifty and fabulous idea. IKEA comes through once again! Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a great idea - may have to try this one myself!


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