Garden Ridge review

I found out about a new store here in town and decided to go take look. We only have one in Arizona and it's in Mesa.

Garden Ridge is like Costco but full of homegoods.  The store is done in warehouse style so no pretty displays but they do pack a LOT of stuff into this store. Here are some of the finds I discovered on my trip.

A great taupe colored 7.7 x 9.6 rug for $99!!!!

These rag ottomans would be cute in a kids room or play area!

A versatile queen headboard for $129.98!!

wooden chiavari chairs for $40 a piece

Lots of fabric

large quilts in lots of colors $30 for a Queen or King. 

Lots of pillows, these were great for some texture in your room!

An entry console? Bathroom vanity maybe?? 

I thought these side tables were interesting too!

There are some hit and miss items but it is worth the trip!  Fair warning the tinted front windows make it look like it is dark inside or that they might be closed, the lighting is better once you get inside!

What new to you store have you found lately?

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  1. I've heard of Garden Ridge, but never been to one. I don't think there is one in Utah. The prices of some of the items you shared are amazing! Did you bring anything home with you?

  2. Yep! This place is pretty insane! I found some really good buys there too! We were just there today...Ha!


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