Nate Berkus at Target!

Today I had to stop by my local Target to see the new Nate Berkus collection! And I took a few photos for you!

There were some rugs I found but forgot to take some pictures.  I thought it was reasonably priced and there are some unique items in the collection!

I was kinda disappointed it was only on the end cap displays I was hoping it would take over the timeless collection area but at my store they have slated that for Christmas decor.  Bonus for you though, the timeless collection I blogged about here is now on CLEARANCE!!

Great deals to be had at target this year! Are you in need of a little something special for your home? I believe you will find that in the Nate Berkus collection!

*The holidays are coming and I want to help you have your home looking its best!

Check out my services and portfolio, you will be glad you did.*

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  1. Nate killed it again, did he not? I love the little urchin sculptures.


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