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One designer that I can't get enough of is Sarah Richardson. I love the way she takes classic elements and mixes them up into something that is always clean and fresh. Her and Tommy are a dynamite team and I have been watching them since the Design Inc. days!

Her new (in the USA) show Sarah's House 4 is currently airing on HGTV. (Kinda makes me wish we hadn't canceled cable) But for those of us that still want our Sarah and Tommy fix we have her website! Sarah is currently airing webisodes where they redo a home using just items from big box stores. They are already a few episodes into it and the results look great!

Great to see Sarah giving the average home owner some great stylish tips!

Are you a Sarah or Tommy fan, or both? Do you have a favorite episode or series?

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  1. I'm with you, I love her and her style, and Tommy too! Thanks for the heads up on the shows! Janell

  2. Sarah R. is my idol! I love her style and pretty much every room she designs. I haven't had the chance to watch any of the new episodes. Are they even broadcasting them in the states? Wish I had more time for TV! :)

  3. I love Sarah and cannot get enough of her shows...I have them all taping even watch the reruns!!


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