What risks are you taking?

I know, I owe you a recap of Maria Killam's True Color Expert workshop Trust me, it is coming this next week!

But I had to post about my newest adventure....

Taking a risk and putting yourself out there.....

Olioboard is a great (free!) site that allows anyone to put together their own mood board. I use it for my own home and for clients. Sounds like fun? It is! Especially when you factor in the challenges.

I haven't entered challenges previously because, well I am a new designer and still learning, and  growing. I didn't think I had what it took to go up against the big dogs!

Despite all this I decided to enter the contest anyway. The biggest reason was this lady... 

Tobi Fairley, along with Benjamin Moore are hosting the challenge-Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2013. The prize is a trip to her one of a kind design camps! I have been following Tobi's blog for a while and when she came out with her Design Camp A-Z and Designer MBA, I knew I wanted to be apart of it!

Here is where I could use your help! If I can get into the top four boards I can win a FREE ticket to her camp!

Please go to this link (Bold and Happy Entryway) and click on the heart under the picture. You can vote every day (Please do!!) until December 18th. It only takes a few minutes each day and it would really help me out to making me one happy camper...har har har....

If you aren't already a member of olioboard it just takes a minute to sign up and vote for me. Plus, I will personally love you forever! :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend...can you believe it will finally be December!! YAY!
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  1. Great board! These are a lot harder than they look :) I voted and will vote as often as I can. Good luck!

  2. Thanks so much Marianne! They are tough to put together but I am doing my best. I think they are a great tool for clients to see how it all works together.


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