Online design board sale!

Hi everyone! Did you enjoy my unplanned summer hiatus? Things were so busy around here with the kids that I decided just to take some time off from blogging to spend with them while they are little. We had a blast!

Now that school has been in session for a few weeks and things are back into a routine I plan to get back into one too for this blog. Thanks for sticking shall be rewarded


As I am sure you have noticed store are putting out the holiday decorations earlier and earlier every year (that is for another post, another time...)

Since you all are already thinking about the holidays anyway I thought I would let you know of the sale I am having!

If you book any online design board between September 23rd to October 23rd 2013 I will offer you $50 off! Get your home perfectly styled for your upcoming guests!

What will you get with my online designs?

1. A scaled floorplan of your space and where things will go.

2. The design board showing the items suggested for your design.

3. The details! A product source list and purchase information (all suggested items are available through online retailers)

I have done a lot of design boards this year and here are a couple you haven't seen yet!

For questions about the design boards or process please contact me at Pin It


Thanks so much for leaving a comment! Got a question? Feel free to ask it in the comments and I will reply back here.

You can also email me questions at annievincentinteriors@gmail

Go forth and be happy!

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