Moodboard Monday-Coffee table edition

I am excited to share the newest Moodboard Monday!  Sarah is hopefully snuggling her newest little one by now (or soon). So Anna from My Design Ethos is graciously co-hosting it with her.

I have made two previous Moodboard Monday designs, a living room and a bedroom. This time I thought it might be fun to do a library!

The inspiration pieces were all coffee tables

1. Parson Rectangular Coffee Table-Wrapped Metal from West Elm

3. Shanti Coffee Table from Pottery Barn

4. Ludlow Trunk from Pottery Barn

I chose the Origami Coffee Table. I loved the sculptural quality of the base and the beautiful bone tiled top. It seemed the perfect choice for my cozy industrial library!

Want to make it your own? Here is a list of sources for you:

Chandelier: I chose this to compliment the coffee table in shape and industrial vibe.

Sofa: I love this sofa! Curves and a timeless quality about it. I added an indigo striped fabric and antiqued brass nailheads to compliment the warm and cool color story in the room.

Sofa pillows: Beautiful velvet pillows 22-24" provide a good compliment to the patterned sofa and provide more coziness to the room.

Chair: Mimicking the lines of the sofa the slipcovers lend a casual yet tailored feeling.

Chair pillows: Bringing in some more blue into the room the pattern on the pillows also references the pattern on the rug.

Rug: An antique oushak with a beautiful pattern plus warm and cool tones.

Artwork: The room was feeling a tiny bit heavy and stuffy. So I added this abstract to lighten the room up and also to pull even more of the blue tones throughout the room.

Sconces: I love the cozy and flattering light that sconces can bring. These are in a yummy antique brass color.

Bookcases: I chose a rich warm wood tone because I loved the cozy feeling it brought, white just seemed too stark in this design.

Curtains: There was a lot going on in the room so I decided to frame the window with a solid curtain to  make sure the focus was on the other pieces in the room.

Paint color: Manchester Tan HC-81 is a great neutral that lends itself well to the other colors I have in the room.

If you enjoyed this room please check out the other beautiful rooms!

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  1. Beautiful room Annie! Love your choice of the modern coffee table mixed with more classic pieces. Thanks so much for joining in! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

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